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Newsletter Series on La Roy Sunderland

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Methodistica Journal, a companion newsletter to this site, begins publication with an eleven-part series about my long-time research interest, La Roy Sunderland (1802-1885).

Sunderland began his adult life as a Methodist preacher in New England. After several years as a Methodist itinerant, he began writing during a period of extended illness. Not long after this, he had a conversion to a radical abolitionist worldview and devoted most of his time and energy for a decade to the cause of the abolition of slavery and the motivation of his Methodist Episcopal Church to end its tolerance of America’s ‘peculiar institution.’ Over time, Sunderland and the leadership of his church became estranged from one another and the once-preacher’s interests turned to the 19th century’s deepening interest in what we have come to call modern approaches to science. He became an early investigator of ideas of human psychology and connections between the mind and the health of the body. His interests in health led him to enter into a career as a physician as he continued his scientific investigations of the soul. La Roy Sunderland is a person who exemplifies many of the interests and tensions present in the lives of 19th century Americans. This was a century that set in motion many of the ideas and attitudes that shaped the 20th century and still have an impact upon our lives in the 21st.

The Methodistica Journal newsletter series brings subscribers 600-700 word articles each week from 6 October until the 13th of December 2015 (the 130th anniversary of La Roy Sunderland’s death). These articles are written for a broad audience and are suitable for use the classroom and for Christian education. Subscriptions to the newsletter are free. You may subscribe by clicking the link here and providing your email address and name.

Topics covered in the series are:

Overview of La Roy Sunderland (1802-1885)

La Roy Sunderland’s America

La Roy Sunderland Campaign for Methodist Theological Education

La Roy Sunderland, Anti-Slavery Activist

La Roy Sunderland’s Zion’s Watchman

The Trials of La Roy Sunderland

La Roy Sunderland and Pathetism

La Roy Sunderland and the Scientific Investigation of the Soul

La Roy Sunderland, Doctor of Homeopathy

La Roy Sunderland’s Ideology

La Roy Sunderland after 130 years


Methodistica Journal is Almost Here

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Methodistica Journal, the free companion newsletter to this website, is almost here. Publication begins on Tuesday, 6 October 2015. Subscribe by clicking this link. Don’t miss a single issue!

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New Series of Articles on La Roy Sunderland

Beginning on 6 October 2015 I will begin publishing a series of articles about Dr. La Roy Sunderland (1802-1885). These articles will be issued in a newsletter that is a companion to this website, Methodistica Journal. Please click on the link in this post or on the subscribe link under the header Newsletter on the sidebar.

La Roy Sunderland has long been a subject of interest to me. I have promised to write a biography of this man who began his adult life as a Methodist preacher in New England, became an anti-slavery activist, and then a physician and scientist of the soul. These articles are a warm-up to my finally writing the book.

A few words about the articles and the new Methodistica JournalThe articles are all designed to be appropriate for anyone interested in history, biography, and Methodism. They will be short — approximately 600-700 words each. They could be used as supplements to classroom studies at a variety of levels and as material for Christian education in local churches. The newsletter will be published weekly and is devoted to similar subject-matter as this website; but in greater depth.

In all, there will be eleven weekly articles on La Roy Sunderland. The last of these will be published on the 130th anniversary of his death.


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